Let’s make Darwin a ‘Cool’ place!

We are proud to announce a unique initiative undertaken by Keith of Savage Architecture, in association with the ESD committee of The NT Property Council of Australia.

As a committee, they have created the first transportable ‘popup’ structure outside Café Eco, Darwin (Address: 1 Edmunds St, Cnr. Smith Street Darwin) to demonstrate the value of landscape and shade to the CBD temperature controls in place.

A recent study commissioned recently by the Northern Territory Government Architect, Lawrence Neild, suggests that green cover over roads, ie shady trees, can make the city temperature lower to a significant level – more than 6 degrees lower in temperature!

Keith too is an advocate, like Lawrence, for an environmental approach to city-making, and this is demonstrated in creating temporary cool spaces to allow the people of Darwin to experience the alternative.
This project is 1 of 3 cool spaces chosen for the CBD over the next 3 months.
The spaces have been chosen based on the locations being existing barren hot spots in the city.
The ‘cool spaces’ project has been totally voluntary with very willing collaboration by many local businesses as they want to support and kickstart vitality in the CBD, during this severe downturn in the Darwin economy.
The cool space is made complete with HPA providing the bespoke seating & pallets, landscaping by Darryl South Landscaping, Shade Structure by NT Shade & Canvas, Steel Framing by Action Sheetmetal and also the expertise of many local consultants –
Please refer the survey link on The Property Council website.